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MBTI® Elite Club : Leadership - The Changing Landscape
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14:00 - 17:30
Mr. Robin Ball

This mini TTT outlines a workshop which you can deliver to a group of managers / leaders to set them on their leadership development journey. They can apply newly acquired MBTI reflections immediately to examine their present leadership style – and create a realistic personal development plan.


Robin will include the following key items in the TTT:

  • An experiential exercise to create a leadership review
  • The management versus leadership discussion
  • Where leadership is heading in the VUCA age
  • How to facilitate the TJ / TP / FJ / FP exercise
  • Using type dynamics (type development) for leaders
  • How different MBTI Types approach leadership in a predictable way
  • The MBTI assessment for leadership development:
  • Setting direction
  • Inspiring others to follow
  • Mobilizing Accomplishment of Goals
  • Creating a leadership development plan


With a bit of practice you will be able to take this workshop back to your company and deliver it. At least that’s the intention!

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