Building Effective Team – Using the FIRO-B Assessment

28 Feb 2018(2:00pm – 5:00pm)

How to achieve a highly effective team ?  This seminar gives profound insights into team dynamics – the relationships between team members and team leaders by using the Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation™ ( FIRO® ). The FIRO® knowledge helps leaders understand how they “match”, “align” or “clash” when interacting with others.  It gives insight into Managing upwards, Improving Team Collaboration and Leading Effectively.


You will complete the FIRO-B® Self Scorable questionnaire before the workshop.


Take away

Use the FIRO® model to understand the your leadership and interpersonal style

Managing upwards - avoiding “clashes” and building better relationships with your boss

Improving team collaboration – creating “matching” relationships with your team members

Leading effectively – building “aligning” relationships with your direct reports

Who should attend

The seminar is designed for:

Team leaders, teambuilding experts, leadership trainers, coaches, counselors, HR Business Partners